Outdoor temporary switchgear

Outdoor temporary switchgear

Product details:

  • Outdoor temporary switchgear or panel
  • Three phase four wire or three phase three wire
  • Rated voltage: 0.4kV, 0.6kV
  • Material: stainless steel or painted steel plate
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This Outdoor temporary panel used in 0.4kV and 0.6kV as circuit control.
It is widely used in power plants and industrial and mining enterprises. It is used for power or lighting distribution in distribution systems such as three-phase three-wire distribution system, three-phase four-wire distribution system and three-phase five-wire distribution system under three-phase ac 500V.This distribution box adopts self-designed new components, compact structure, elegant shape, convenient maintenance, a variety of wiring schemes

All UNISUN Electric instrument transformers are in conformity with IEC standards, and recommendations IEC 61869. Transformers in conformity with specific country standards can also be supplied. (IEEE C57.13, NBR6855).