12kV Outdoor VCB (recloser)

12kV Outdoor VCB

Product details:

  • Outdoor pole installation
  • Three phase three wire
  • Rated voltage: 3.3kV, 6kV, 10kV, 11kV, 12.5kV, 13.8kV
  • Rated current: 200A, 400A, 630A
  • Short-circuit breaking current: 12.5kA, 16kA, 20kA
  • Standard: IEC, ANSI, GB
  • Type name: ZW32-12,
12kV Outdoor VCB (recloser) 1  12kV Outdoor VCB (recloser) 212kV Outdoor VCB (recloser) 312kV Outdoor VCB (recloser) 412kV Outdoor VCB (recloser) 5



ZW32 series outdoor vacuum circuit breaker is a three-phase AC 50-60Hz, rated voltage of 3.3kV, 6kV, 10kV, 11kV, 12.5kV, 13.8kV , control and protection for power line.
It can work with relay, to meet relcoser function, like over load, short circuit protection, etc…
VCB combined with CT, this CT work with relay. it can use for monitoring power line.
Spring mechanism use with simple function relay, it can remote control.
Permanent magnetic mechanism use with more function relay, it can be recloser, have more function.


All UNISUN Electric breaker are in conformity with IEC standards, and recommendations IEC60694、IEC6227-100. Breakers in conformity with specific country standards can also be supplied. (IEEE, GB).